Saturday, 5 January 2013

The subject of this Blog. Tia.


Tia came to us what seems like an age ago now.

We were previously the staff to another feline mistress, called Tufty, that my beloved friend Heidi rescued from dastardly owners.


Tufty was a very nervous cat, but we loved her as much as we possibly could, and with time, she mellowed. She was known as The Alleged Cat to our friends, as she would so very rarely venture out when people visited. With us she was affectionate, in her own way, never straying far from our sides but always remaining slightly apart. She was no lapcat but she did become more brave the longer we looked after her.

Sadly she passed away at the grand old age of 19, but it was time. She was quite ill, and we knew it was time, and so did she, and so we did the deed that every pet owner dreads but we did it because we loved her so dearly. No animal, no pet should suffer. We bid her a very fond and peaceful farewell, and returned home to grieve.



Not really ready to have another cat, we rattled about at home. I rather enjoyed not having fur everywhere, and also not having an ill cat to look after was a relief, even though we never begrudged a minute of our time and expense, because she deserved it all. She was the way she was because of how a ‘human’ treated her, and we did our best to be the total opposite of that piece of detritus, and give her the best life she could have.

The time came when a friend needed to rehome one of her brood of Maine Coons. Tufty had been a Maine Coon – albeit a small one because of her mistreatment as a kitten – and we love the breed.

TiaCat needed to be rehomed because being surrounded by many other cats was causing a bit of a problem. After Tia was spayed, she went on what can only be described as an eating spree and when the house is full of breeding Queens and kittens, and thus high calorie food, you can imagine the result. She also seemed happier when the other cats were not around. Which doesn’t happen often in a multiple cat household.

Tia came to live with us.

She fell asleep in the cat carrier on the drive back from Milton Keynes, hid from us for about an hour when she got here but then came out and found a lap to sit on.


That picture at the very top is the view I had when I awoke the morning after we got her.

She has slept on my shoulder almost every night since she arrived. It is unbearably sweet. Even when she sticks her paw over my ear and I wake up thinking I’m going deaf.

She is a lap cat. She’s just happiest when she is lying on someone. Either on Tex, my husband…


Or on me…


On our friends…

Simon and Tia

Or my computer desk.


We regularly have a tug of war with the mouse cable, my pen, my hand, the cat brush or any other thing that happens to be lying around.

The scrolly wheel on the mouse feels a little different? Oh. I look over and Tia’s eartip is covering it.

This happens a lot too.


That is a full sized keyboard by the way. Yes, she IS that large. Maine Coon boys are even bigger.


Occasionally she even sits on the bit of furniture that is specifically hers.

Tia chair

But usually, she is on the furniture that we bought specifically for us.


So that’s Tia.

This blog is going to be about her. Mainly photos, because I am in love with my cat and she seems to have acquired a bit of an internet following. This has nothing to do with the amount of photos I post of her being silly at ALL. 

This is a bit more about our girl, on the site of the lovely lady who let us adopt her gorgeous cat.

As I type, this is what Tia is doing.


I love our very silly cat.

keyboard fluff


  1. She's a beauty and clearly loves you to bits! Great blog, I shall add it to my reading list :)

  2. As the mother of our two beloved kittehs I've always had a huge place in my heart for Tia. Thanks for the blog and for giving her such a wonderful home.
    (The last picture could almost be Myst, she does exactly the same thing :-D)

  3. Thank you Stephanie!

    Ols - hello! You have two of her kittens? Are they as laid back as Mama? I swear, she almost looks like she's eaten space cake, she sleeps so much.

  4. We have Myst and Dervish, and they are very laid back, between having Hemp-cat as mum and Caro raising them...

    Derv is a bit more nervous around new things/noises, he hides in the shower room when the window cleaners come, and got spooked by a street lamp out behind the house. But he is very chilled when everything is status quo, mostly sleeping on he back with legs in the air snoring gently or on the 2nd chair in the study with his paw on your leg purring his head off. (He is very sweet but also very dumb, even for a MC. J describes him as competitive with cheesecake! My dad is convinced it is a side affect of all the fur.)

    Myst is very like Tia, much more relaxed and very snuggly, thought she is a manipulative little minx and knows how to get what she wants. She comes for her evening fuss every night when we go to bed, and on the dot of noon if someone is at home during the day, but mostly she just lounges in her favorite spots near where we are.

    Does Tia follow you round the house, needing to be nearby?

    1. Your two sound ace. :) The laid back gene does seem to run very strongly!

      Tia is happy being upstairs asleep when we're elsewhere, but as soon as she wakes up she's mewing her head off and running down the stairs full pelt. If we're in the living room, she'll make a quick stop at the biscuit bowl, and then jump up onto one of us, and usually go right back to sleep again.

      She has a thing about being on my desk. I was up and down from my desk yesterday and every time I sat back at it boing! she was up.

      When we head to bed, if she isn't there first, we#ll be in bed for maybe 5 minutes and suddenly we hear "Mew! Mew!" from downstairs and up she comes. Usually to head straight for me to sleep on my shoulder. She'll wander off during the night, then come back again later on.