Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Mum is also a mad cat lady.

Recently I paid a visit to my Mum in Cyprus. We spent a very happy week and a bit visiting people, cooking and eating.

Mum has a rather lovely companion and that is 7 year old Kizi.


She was obtained from a rescue centre. There are so many stray animals on the island, because people get a pet, and then move and leave them behind. The hunters get new dogs every season, and then just abandon them at the end, figuring the keeping and feeding of a dog until the next season is far more expensive than just getting a new one every time. You can be certain that every time a hunter shoots himself in the foot, I think that it serves them right.

Nobody in the shelter could get near Kizi, and warned Mum off trying to pick her up. My mum just saw a cat that looked akin to my Tufty, and needed love. All that happened was that Mum ended up with an armful of purring kitty, who then went home with her in the car and hasn’t left her side since.

Kizi tickle

She spent a very happy Christmas with us, having TWO people to feed her and fuss her. I was extremely honoured that she let me fuss her, as she usually runs away from people. She spent my first evening there curled up next to me on the sofa. Well, I say curled up…


She is one very beautiful cat. I think you may well be noticing my weakness for stripey cats now…

Kizi closeup


  1. she looks part MC too, the tufty years, long fur with bib, HUGE tail. Gorgeous.
    Stunning close-up too.

    My parents adopted a shy nervous rescue cat who became a friendly loving part of the family and has coped calmly with 3 grandkids.